Awnings Shades

Awnings Shades

Awning Shades are the most popular and smart shade solution for homes, shops, and outdoor restaurants in the UAE. For UAE’s extremely harsh weather Awning shades let owners control the weather on their terms. Awning prevents the sun from shining through windows and sliding glass doors, they can keep temperatures inside cooler as well, which saves on air-conditioning costs. Awning Shades can help Prevent household things and furniture from fading in sunlight. Awning Shades also provide a shield from the direct sun. Latest Awnings also offer accessories that can greatly increase the versatility and usefulness owners get from their terrace or court. Awnings are also used to cover the solar panels in the summer.

An awning is composed of PVC/PVDF and PTFE Fabrics that are tightly stretched over the lightweight frames of Steel, Iron, or aluminum and sometimes coat or transparent material.


We Provide the Best quality fabric like PVC/PVDF, and PTFE Fabrics Awning shades in UAE in standard and custom sizes. The size of the shade and structure will be decided on the space where to install the Awning.

We are specialized in Awning shades installation in Dubai. We provide cost-effectively shades for solutions to our clients.

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